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Imani Christian Schools is a US 501c3 tax exempt organization that was founded out of a deep love for the children of Embu, Kenya and all of East Africa​. 


The Board of directors is composed of Simon Kariuki Nyagah of Nairobi, Kenya, Phillips Godwin of Jackson, Mississippi, and Bryan and Carrie Rauch of Temecula, California. 

Embu, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Temecula, CA

Imani Christian Schools works closely with Rancho Community Church and School, you may have even noticed our matching logos!


We have developed a long term relationship which will provide financial support and opportunities for students, teachers, and members of the church to participate in the development of the School from the ground up.


It is our hope that the children and families of Temecula and beyond will develop a heart for Africa that lasts a lifetime and, in particular, experience growing relationships with the children of Embu.

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