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3 Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Non-Profit

Everyone has a non-profit or NGO that comes to mind when you read this article title. It could be us here at Imani, it could be your home church, your family members coffee shop that is in the fight to stop human trafficking, or a company who cleans the beach with every product sold. We all have companies that are near and dear to our hearts. Well, I have good news -- YOU can make a difference, YOU can influence these companies for good, and YOU can support them with just a simple story. I think of the story where Christ saved one woman, and she continued to share the gospel to an entire people group and change the lives of many.

John 4:1-42 illustrates a beautiful story of a man who loved this one woman, he met her where she was, and spoke life to her - and that one woman changed the world around her. John 4 shares a story of Jesus breaking cultural boundaries and revealing himself to a woman who would go on to spread the gospel to her people at a time when women were assumed to make no impact. In every great movie there is someone who needs saving. It could be the high school girl who need saving from the horrors of puberty, or the town in need of a super hero in the latest box office movie. We all need saving and thankfully Christ has saved us.

Each non-profit has a goal of improving, saving, or making a change in the lives of those in their mission. Just like Christ sharing the gospel to the woman at the well, each mission starts with changing the life of just one person. Here at Imani, if everything we do changes and saves the life of just one child; we have won because Christ has won that child's heart. While there are hundreds of ways you can support your favorite non-profit, some ways of helping goes farther than others. Here they are:

1. Fundraise - Every organization has operational costs, and some more than others. Giving a gift of $1 is just as important and meaningful when it comes from someone who is passionate about where their money is going. It would be wonderful if non-profit organizations didn't need money, but the reality of being not for profit, is they all do. Giving financially makes a huge difference to those you support. And! There are many ways to do so. You can give a one time donation, monthly donations, attend events that support the cause, and purchase merchandise.

2. Social Media - This one is HUGE! Every non-profit has to have an online presence. For some, this means only a website - others it means using every platform out there to share their story. At Imani we use our website, facebook, and instagram to reach our audience. If you see a story posted from your non-profit, like it, share it, post about it, and spread the word. Every like, click, heart, and saved post boosts the likelihood of that non-profit being seen by partnership organizations and large groups who would want to come alongside the non-profit.

3. Coffee Talks - To me, these are the most rewarding but sometimes the hardest to do. If you are someone who has history with your favorite organization, or has a story to share - please do! Take your friends out to coffee and share what God has put on your heart. I am not talking about a business meeting, or a give proposal; I am talking your favorite latte, cute pictures, laughs, personal testimonies about how the organization has changed your perspective, given you fun memories, and why they have the special place in your heart that they do.

We all have a story. We all have a message to share, I challenge you to share what God has put on your heart, and support the groups who are impacting the kingdom of God, and making the world a better place. It might not be Imani, it could be thousands of other incredible organizations (but -- it might just be Imani).

Know this: that you are an influencer, you do make an impact, and you have the power to make a difference in the lives of those around you and children around the world.

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