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The Beginning of Our Story

Updated: Jan 31

In our first blog post, we talked about our "why." Here is part of the story that happened years before Bryan visited Kenya.

Meet "The Grandmas"

Years before Imani Christian School was a thought in Bryan's mind, these grandmothers, had a plan. They were going to save lives. They noticed that the next generation was going to need people to step up and support the lives of the children in Embu. Each of these grandmothers had a goal to take care of all the children they possibly could. They started Imani. These beautiful women then went to Bryan and said "we need help, help us." These women bring laughter, joy, and warmth to every situation. They are stubborn, they are smart, they are ambitious, and they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into all those years ago. Because these women were willing to trust the Lord, hundreds of children have lived well past their expected age, and are now thriving at Imani. These women are my heroes.

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