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Kenya believe it? We're going on a mission trip!

Traveling to Kenya for the first time can be intimidating. The long flights, exhausting hours, and airplane food that is just "okay" can be quite an experience. For me, it is my favorite experience. Not because of the food, and not because of the long hours, but because each flight introduces new people, new conversations, and new moments for my view of the world to be opened, and re-shaped from what it previously was (and maybe a few hours of napping too). These new moments are exactly how the trips are too!

In my 21 years of life, I have been to Africa 4 times, and to Kenya 3. Each time has been spectacular, unique, and absolutely amazing. I enjoy everything about traveling and seeing the world. I enjoy tasting new food, seeing new plant and animal species, and learning history of different countries and people groups is captivating to me. Over the past few years, I have loved the opportunity to do this in Kenya, and most importantly, I LOVE meeting the children that Imani takes care of on a daily basis.

I have met girls who dream of being princesses, teachers, mothers and doctors. I have met young boys who want to have their own coffee farms, who want to be able to fly airplanes to travel the world, who want to have their own family, and who want to grow up to take care of other children. I have met young men who one day did not think they could ever get a job, and then the next day had practice interviewing for what I am sure will be one of many jobs they will have in their lives. I have met mothers and grandmothers who want nothing more than to see their children grow up and thrive.

Imani has become a part of my life and it started with one mission trip to Kenya. Today, I am able to fit these kids into my life regularly. I don’t fly around the world all the time, but I talk about them daily. I am sharing their story, because their story has become part of my story. I share their smiles, the joy that they have, and the bright future that is ahead of them because of sponsors, and supporters of the program.

If there is even the teeny, tiniest part of you that is thinking this trip, or a trip to Embu is for you, sign up, think about it, pray about it, and let these kids become apart of your life, as they are mine. Violet, Dennis, Cathy, and Frida need you. I need you to consider this: The more people who know their stories, the more people who share the lives of these children, the more children we can love, and continue to help thrive.

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