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Mission Trip 2019: Update #4

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

What an amazing two days we have had. Yesterday we took the kids on a field trip and I am convinced it was the best day of their lives. All week long little girls and boys would ask me “Are you going to take us to see Zebras?” and yesterday, we did!

The field trip was a visit to a safari park near by the school, and we drove past the most incredible animals. We saw Zebras, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus, Antelopes, beautiful birds, and Monkeys. Most of which the kids had never seen before. I feel so blessed to have shared their special day with them.

Today, our goal was to share the cards that students from Rancho Christian Schools had written to each student. Their eyes lit up when they were able to see that a child from the United States of America hand wrote a card, with their name on it, and wanted to hear back from them. So precious.

Reading letters written to them from students of Rancho Christian Schools

The highlight of the day in my eyes (even though it is impossible to pick a “highlight moment” of the day), is the schedule for the remainder of the evening. We will be having dinner with the women who started Imani, before there were any plans to start our school.

We will get to talk with, and listen to the women who have dedicated their lives to taking care of the children of Embu. Hundreds of children have gone through their care, and we pray that we can carry on the legacy of their love, shrewdness, compassion, and heart to hundreds of children in Kenya.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the school to spend a full day of play! There will be crafts, out door games, indoor games, singing songs, and I am sure a tickle war or two. It has been so fun to see Dave running around playing soccer and football with the kids. It is like his energy never runs out! Below is a picture from volleyball today.

I wanted candid pictures of them playing volleyball..they had a different idea :)

Please continue to pray that our babies would know how loved they are, and that God loves them no matter what. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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