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Mission Trip 2019: Update #1

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The trip has begun! We are about 24 hours away from arriving in Kenya and could not be more excited. Nerves and energy are both high, and spirits higher. The Lord has been blessing us since we left this morning. We made it through checking backs, TSA and are now waiting for our plane to arrive to head off on our trip.

Thank you to the people who have been praying for us, and who continue to pray for and with us. Here are our prayer requests for the next few hour,

Prayer Requests for day 1:

- That we would have smooth and safe travels

- That each team member would be free of sickness and remain healthy

- While traveling that God is with the travel agents, pilots, bus drivers, and all supportive personnel who have made this trip possible

- That all of our bags end up where we end up!

- For God's will to be on our hearts and most importantly that we would be in constant prayer to do his good will

- That God would continue to help us in sharing the story of Imani, and growing our school.

This team is more than just the people in the picture, this team is all of you who are reading this, praying for us, and sharing the story of Imani. Thank you!!

a group of 5 women and 3 men standing in a parking lot
Day 1 is here and we are all so excited...and maybe need coffee ;)

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